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Solving Mona Lisa!

Ron Piccirillo’s new book on
Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is a groundbreaking study of one of history’s greatest works of art.

Piccirillo is a lifelong artist and graphic designer whose discoveries concerning the Mona Lisa have received worldwide coverage across media outlets ranging from NBC to MSN to The Today Show and the Daily Mail.

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Hardcover / B&W Illustrations

Book Description:

While examining Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, artist Ron Piccirillo comes across images of animal heads secretly hiding in the painting in a type of optical illusion Leonardo was known to invent. It leads Piccirillo to find other hidden clues throughout Leonardo’s art that no one had ever noticed before. Thus begins Piccirillo’s journey, determined to figure out their meanings as he examines the events in his own life and the connection they may have to the world’s greatest enigma. Was Mona Lisa created as a puzzle that Leonardo intended for us to solve? Was Piccirillo destined to solve it? And was there some higher power at work?

Piccirillo’s memoir takes us through his revolutionary discoveries as he attempts to solve the mysterious identity of the woman in the painting and the reason for her smile once and for all, but unearths way more than he bargains for. In his astonishing story, Piccirillo introduces amazing optical illusions in some of the world’s most famous paintings by artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Botticelli that went unnoticed for centuries.

In 2011, Piccirillo received worldwide attention for his discovery of hidden animal heads in Mona Lisa and other Renaissance art, including coverage by major media outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and the Daily Mail. Piccirillo spent the next few years figuring out exactly why artists like Giotto, Raphael, and Hans Holbein used special techniques to hide messages in their work. The result is Solving Mona Lisa.

You’ll never look at Mona Lisa the same way again. Literally!

**PLEASE NOTE: eBook and hardcover contain color illustrations. Paperback images are grayscale on cream paper. Prices may vary online.


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